The jewelry that is made with passion and love. Each piece received three layers of precious fine gold. The first layer is covered with 24k gold to seal any contact from the raw jewelry to the surface. The second layer and the thickest is well known in Italy because of its quality and durability. The 18k gold goes on top of the 24k gold piece and serves as the primary coat. Finally, a thin layer of the 22k gold serves as a finish in each section, giving the jewelry piece a beautiful luster and quality. The artisan carefully controls the entire process. Hypoallergenic and entirely nickel-free can guarantee your peace of mind, it is the companyโ€™s commitment to health, to the planet and to each individual.

Started in 1996, began selling in the Caribbean, then to Miami, Los Angeles and the other parts of the United States.

To care for your jewelry: clean all pieces with a soft dry cloth to remove any sweat, chemicals such as hair spray, and perfumes. Avoiding contact with water will ensure your jewelry stays shiny and beautiful, after use, place your jewelry in a sealable plastic bag or jewelry box.